Fur Care

Fur Care

Your fur is designed for an active lifestyle and to be worn and enjoyed. These simple reminders will help you prevent some common problems which can unnecessarily weaken or damage your fur.

Loosen Up. Sitting down in your fur fully buttoned can exert extreme pressure on seams, pull pelts out of shape and break fur that is rubbed excessively (i.e. against car seats). Always undo at least the lower button before sitting down and unbutton your coat completely before entering the car.

Accessories. Try to avoid carrying purses or parcel with shoulder straps that can rub or break fur at the shoulder. As well, a silk scarf worn around your neck can prevent damage due to perfume or cosmetics.

Hold the Spray. Avoid spraying perfume and hairspray on your fur. The alcohol content in them dries the skins and stiffens the guard hairs.

Dry Furs Carefully. It is not a problem if your coat becomes wet by snow or rain if you dry it carefully. The proper way to dry a damp fur is to hang it in an open area with good ventilation. Never leave a wet fur in a closed closet and avoid excessive heat that can dehydrate and damage the pelt.

Storage. Never hang a fur on a wire hanger. Use a properly shaped wide wooden or plastic hanger. Always store your fur away from direct sunlight and a breathable cloth garment bag. Do not store your fur in a cedar closet, or use mothballs. Cedar absorbs moisture, which can dry out your fur, and mothballs produce a chemical reaction which can damage the pelts.

Beware of Excessive Heat. Avoid leaving your fur exposed to a heating vent or hot radiator for even a short time. Singed fur curls and loses its luster.

Professional Cleaning Recommended. Always have your fur cleaned by a reputable, professional fur cleaner. Your local dry cleaning service can usually recommend one in your area.