Miriam Joy Story

Behind every great label is an equally great story. 

Once upon a time, a young woman named Miriam Joy received a cashmere sweater as a present. She loved that sweater, and wore that sweater. Through the years she put the sweater on when she did her volunteer work. She wore it when she went to meetings, conferences, conventions and to the PTA. Over the years her children grew up a moved away from home. Soon the grandchildren were born. Still she had her cashmere sweater.

On her fiftieth birthday, Miriam Joy had a series of portraits taken, one in her favoured cashmere sweater. She loved that sweater and wore that sweater - for over five decades. Mom died in 1997. In her drawer, wrapped up to keep it fresh, we found her cashmere sweater. Now it belongs to her youngest granddaughter, who loves, wears and treasures "Gram's" favourite sweater.

Miriam Joy was equally at home in faded blue jeans or fancy furs. She had a collection of furs given to her over the half century she was married - Alaska seal, sheared beaver, fox, and mink. The sheared beaver was a fabulous gift to mark the birth of her youngest daughter. This fur accompanied that same daughter to college and then became an important part of her oldest granddaughter's tickle trunk.

Miriam Joy's good minks would periodically go A.W.O.L. when her oldest daughter had a "special" date, and often did double duty as blankets if she came home too late to sneak into her bedroom unnoticed. Today Mom's minks grace the closets of her three granddaughters, all of whom love and appreciate these fine furs.

Miriam’s exquisite style and taste are still the inspiration behind every garment that carries the Miriam Joy label