Leather Care

Leather Care

Preventative Maintenance.  Pre-treat your leather and suede garments at the time of purchase, and periodically thereafter with Style 16 Leather and Suede Protector.

Storage.  Store in a breathable garment bag on a large, rounded wood or plastic hanger.

Dry Leather Carefully.  After light rain or snow, you should blot dry your garment with a damp towel.  Allow your garment to dry at room temperature away from direct heat.

Pressing.  Most wrinkles will fall when left in a steamy bathroom.  When pressing use a dry iron set at a low temperature with brown wrapping paper used as a press clothe.  Press lightly and quickly to prevent overheating and shining.

General Wear.  Whenever possible a scarf, worn inside the neckline, will keep hair and body oil, perfume and cosmetics away from the leather.

Professional Dry Cleaning Recommended.  Dry clean your garment only when absolutely necessary and only by a professional leather cleaner. Professional leather cleaners use products that contain special cleaners and oils to clean and condition.